(2021 – 2022)


SDS design engineers provided temporary works support for the Main Contractor on the Trinity Learning Foundry, located within the grounds of Trinity College, Dublin. The new Learning Foundry is being constructed in the middle of a live campus; the footprint of the site was restrictive and did not allow additional space for temporary works. As part of our comprehensive design reports and drawings, we provided full designer’s risk assessment and temporary works certificates.


The contractor required various crane base designs as part of the overall lifting strategy on the project. SDS design engineers provided several options for the Client, including gravity base, piled base and steel gantry foundations for the various tower cranes used on site. Due to site constraints, we were part of the early discussions in relation to the lifting plan and to confirm crane locations on a very tight site.

|HOARDING We provided the Client with a comprehensive hoarding design to ensure the project site was secure. We provided hoarding for various arrangements, including different heights and alternative foundation needs, such as kentledge and cast in solutions. On this project, we were able to use existing footpaths and the new capping beam to provide footings for the hoarding.  Our hoarding designs can be amended easily on site if there is a requirement for rapid changes.


We provided falsework and backpropping to support the wet weight and construction loading of the concrete slabs in the temporary case. We provided early striking estimations to allow the Main Contractor to strike falsework earlier than typically predicted once concrete strength could be proven by concrete cube tests.


We were engaged to carry out a full dilapidation survey of the surrounding buildings and infrastructure. This consisted of a full photographic survey of a mix of modern buildings and listed buildings.


We provided the temporary propping design intent for the basement pile wall utilising the existing permanent works capping beam. For this project, it was decided to use an alternative to propping and install soil anchors, which would allow for clearer working space in the footprint of the site.


SDS design engineers provided temporary works for the welfare infrastructure on site. Due to site constraints we had to provide accommodation designs for two locations, one on site and the other off site. This comprised various concrete pad foundations and steel gantries to provide additional levels of welfare cabins in a tight compound area. This solution provided more working space and reduced the overall footprint of the welfare compound.


We designed temporary propping to the permanent steel structure being erected on site. The steel structure acts as a Vierendeel truss in the permanent case, which it required temporary propping until fully complete.


This project included a deep basement. To provide the retaining structure to support the basement and as part of the piling strategy on the project, we designed a working platform to allow the use of a piling rig to install the concrete piles.


SDS design engineers provided specialist permanent works design on this project. We provided permanent design support for the voided slab elements of the superstructure. Rarely used in this country, a voided slab removes the dead weight in the centre of thincludede slab, allowing for larger spans in the slab, reducing the amount of concrete used and providing a more environmentally sustainable solution to flat slab design.


Our clients are in public and private sectors, including government bodies, developers, main contractors and owners. Market areas in which we currently work are commercial, residential, industrial, hotel and leisure, education, and water engineering. 

Shane O’Farrell
Lidl Head of Property NW London
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SDS design engineers & architects developed a prototype precast concrete store in London. The aim was to reduce the construction time by at least 20% but also to maintain the visual appearance of the store. The SDS team completed the brief successfully.
Cillian Owens
Contracts Manager, John Sisk & Son Limited Ireland
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I have worked with SDS design engineers since 2005. In my experience SDS provide quality, cost effective designs on time and within budget.
Cathal Scott
Practice Manager, CQS Group
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We analysed numerous foundation solutions for retail stores over the years and found that the SDS designed lean raft foundation for store buildings is the most efficient foundation with respect to cost and materials used.