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SDS design engineers  is your trusted partner in the realm of Temporary Works. With a legacy spanning two decades, we have established ourselves as pioneers in delivering excellence and innovation in this specialised field. 

What are temporary works?

Temporary works are the elements of construction that are required to facilitate the construction of permanent works and will, most often, be removed once construction is complete.

Temporary works can take the form of lateral support to an excavation, steel or aluminium access platforms, scaffolding, formwork, falsework, site hoarding, reinforcing bar cages, etc.

| Why Choose SDS Ltd.?

  • Uncompromising Excellence: At SDS Ltd., we have garnered acclaim as recipients of prestigious awards such as “Construction Project of the Year,” “Industrial Project of the Year,” and “Retail Project of the Year.” These accolades underscore our steadfast commitment to quality.
  • Temporary Works Expertise: Our specialisation lies in crafting cutting-edge, structurally sound solutions that redefine the boundaries of Temporary Works. We leverage our extensive experience to meet the unique and complex demands of this field.
  • Diverse Client Base: Our client portfolio includes government entities, developers, contractors, and various organisations. Our multidisciplinary team consistently delivers results that elevate your Temporary Works projects.
  • Global Reach: With strategically located offices in Ireland, Dublin, London, and Spain, we seamlessly serve domestic, UK, and European markets. Our solutions transcend geographical boundaries, providing you with comprehensive support wherever your project is situated.
  • Innovation & Sustainability: Sustainability, technological innovation, and meticulous attention to detail are the hallmarks of our approach. We create environmentally responsible solutions that distinguish your Temporary Works projects.
  • Endless Possibilities: SDS Ltd. is where innovation converges with precision. Our mission is to empower you with limitless possibilities, where every Temporary Works project becomes a triumph of engineering.


Select SDS Ltd. now to pave the way for a future where your Temporary Works solutions.

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