SDS Design Engineers Basements & Refurbishments

SDS design engineers is your trusted partner for excellence in the field of basements and refurbishments. With a legacy dating back to 2003, we offer an abundance of experience and an unswerving dedication to quality in every basement and refurbishment project.

| Why Choose SDS Ltd.?

  • Uncompromising Excellence: SDS Ltd. proudly holds awards like “Construction Project of the Year,” “Industrial Project of the Year,” and “Retail Project of the Year,” showcasing our dedication to unwavering quality.
  • Basements & Refurbishment Expertise: We specialise in crafting visionary, structurally sound solutions that transform basements and refurbishments. Our expertise is finely honed to meet the unique demands of these sectors.
  • Diverse Clientele: Our clients encompass developers, property owners, contractors, and organisations. Our multidisciplinary team consistently delivers results that elevate your basement and refurbishment projects.
  • Global Reach: With strategic offices in Ireland, Dublin, London, and Spain, we seamlessly cater to domestic, UK, and European markets. Our solutions transcend geographical boundaries.
  • Innovation & Sustainability: Sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous attention to detail are the hallmarks of our approach. We create environmentally responsible solutions that set your basement and refurbishment projects apart.
  • Endless Possibilities: SDS Ltd. is where innovation converges with precision. Step into a world of limitless possibilities, where every basement and refurbishment project becomes a triumph of engineering.


Choose SDS Ltd. today to unlock a future where your basement and refurbishment ventures flourish. Your success is our foremost concern.


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