Temporary works are the elements of construction that are required to facilitate the construction of the permanent works and will, most often, be removed once construction is complete.

Temporary works can take the form of lateral support to an excavation, steel or aluminium access platforms, scaffolding, formwork, falsework, site hoarding, reinforcing bar cages, etc.

BS 5975:2019 Code of practice for temporary works procedures and the permissible stress design falsework defines temporary works (TW) as:

“those parts of the works that allow or enable the construction of protecting, support or provide access to the permanent works and might or might not remain in place at the completion of the works”.

Temporary works are often critical to safety – the consequences of failure can be high.  The construction industry does not learn from its mistakes, often repeating them resulting in the same outcome; death or injury to site workers.


  • Temporary Works Management
  • Hoardings
  • Crane Bases
  • Formwork
  • Falsework
  • Striking
  • Backpropping
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Top-Down Construction
  • Sheet Piling
  • Cofferdams
  • Basement Propping
  • Underpinning
  • Façade Retention
  • Retaining Walls
  • Slope Stability
  • Geotechnics
  • Working Platforms
  • Crane Mats
  • Voided Slabs (Permanent Works Item)
  • Dilapidation Surveys
  • Temporary Foundations
  • Haul Roads and Temporary Footpaths
  • Temporary Drainage (Welfare)
  • Construction Sequencing
  • Utilising Permanent Works in the Temporary condition
  • Groundwork


Our clients are in public and private sectors, including government bodies, developers, main contractors and owners. Market areas in which we currently work are commercial, residential, industrial, hotel and leisure, education, and water engineering. 

Shane O’Farrell
Lidl Head of Property NW London
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SDS design engineers & architects developed a prototype precast concrete store in London. The aim was to reduce the construction time by at least 20% but also to maintain the visual appearance of the store. The SDS team completed the brief successfully.
Cillian Owens
Contracts Manager, John Sisk & Son Limited Ireland
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I have worked with SDS design engineers since 2005. In my experience SDS provide quality, cost effective designs on time and within budget.
Cathal Scott
Practice Manager, CQS Group
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We analysed numerous foundation solutions for retail stores over the years and found that the SDS designed lean raft foundation for store buildings is the most efficient foundation with respect to cost and materials used.