SDS and Espacio BIM

SDS and Espacio BIM come together to launch BIM profiles to the labour market

SDS design engineers specialise in building design and engineering with expertise in geotechnical, water and civil & structural engineering. 

SDS (Structural Design Solutions) Ltd. who specialise in the design and engineering of buildings, with special experience in civil, structural, geotechnical and water engineering and Espacio BIM, BIM Consultant, and VR, AR, and MR, who specialise in training and Elearning, are joining forces to introduce BIM profiles to the labour market.

Founded in 2003, SDS is headquartered in Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland. SDS also has satellite offices in Dublin and London and another in Úbeda (Jaén), Spain. The office in Úbeda is searching for a new professional to serve the European market.

With this agreement, SDS will have the support of Espacio BIM, so that those who have carried out their studies on BIM methodology with the Navarrese company – currently at almost 50,000 worldwide – and who meet the requested requirements, will have a direct path to the world of work.

If you want to know more about SDS, as well as its services, sectors in which we work or any of the projects we have developed, visit

If you are looking to enter the BIM universe or expand your knowledge in said methodology, we recommend you look up the International BIM Manager Master (+VR) of Espacio BIM, with which you can access positions as powerful as BIM Manager, Project Manager, or BIM Coordinator, and launch your career.