New Warehouse Exeter


SDS design engineers acted as architect and principal designer for Lidl UK on this brand new £58M development
in Exeter, UK which opened in late 2017. Lidl is an International Award winning supermarket chain. Establishing
themselves in the UK grocery market in 1994, this global leading brand has gone from strength to strength, now
employing over 19,000 people across 760 stores and 15 regional distribution centres in the UK.
The regional distribution centre (RDC) building in Exeter comprises of:
– 49,700 sq m of gross area built on a one and a half mile site
– 365 metres long circumference and 125 metres wide,
– 18.5 metres maximum height
– 11,000 no. pallet storage area on four tiers of shelves reaching to 13m
– 145 loading bays
– 196 parking spaces to cater for staff vehicles
– 210 HGV parking spaces


Internal areas consisting of large bulk storage, high level racking and roller racking systems, pallet truck charging areas, plant
rooms and freezer, cold room areas for storage of warehouse produce. 


Administration building of 2,250 sq m comprised of 3 floor levels to accommodate the 150 staff members along with entrance
bridge design which had to meet planning condition requirements.


The design is energy efficient, maximising natural light where possible, minimising external wall surfaces, optimising the building’s
thermal performance through landscaping and planting, detecting daylight to control the lighting and harvesting rainwater. The freezer room and chilled areas are able to maintain the required temperatures through evaporators provided within the refrigeration system.