ABOUT SDS (Structual Design Solutions) Ltd.


Danny Groarke BE, MSc, DIC, CEng, MIEI
A Chartered Engineer with 20 years of experience in the construction industry. He began his career on site in London, advancing to Project Engineer before returning to college to complete a Masters Degree at Imperial College London. He returned to work as a structural and geotechnical engineer with leading design firms in London, Dublin and Galway prior to establishing SDS (Structural Design Solutions) Ltd. in 2003.

Conor Keane MSc, BSc, Dip Eng, AEng, MIEI
A very experienced structural, civil and geotechnical design engineer, he has 15 years experience in the design of civil and structural engineering projects. He has recently completed a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering in the University of Surrey.

Peter Gannon
He has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. He is expert in both planning and technical drawing. He has managed the production of drawings for large water treatment plants, sewer and watermain networks, as well as large infrastructure and structural engineering projects.

Civil Engineering

We have extensive experience in the civil engineering and water engineering sector. The principals of the company were at the forefront in the design and construction management of some of the largest water and wastewater treatment facilities in the West of Ireland, including Galway Main Drainage Scheme, Westport Main Drainage Scheme, Castlebar Main Drainage Scheme and various other smaller water and wastewater schemes throughout Ireland.

Building & Structural Engineering

The company operates as a specialist in the design of low-rise buildings and structures. We developed a unique construction procedure for the construction of single storey, stand alone retail units for a large blue chip discount retailer. The procedure developed is cheaper, quicker and more robust than any alternative process in the market. We are experts in the geotechnical design of low-rise buildings in poor ground. Our focus is on cost efficient designs and eliminating waste.

Value Engineering

We pride ourselves in having the ability to add value to projects in all areas. We are extremely competitive with design fees. We provide efficient solutions for temporary works design, foundation and superstructure construction. We have a proven track record of eliminating deep foundations where unnecessary, reducing the cost of expensive temporary works, providing alternative designs and re-using existing structures and excavated material where possible.

Staff & Organisation

All of our technical staff are proficient in the use of the latest AutoCAD design and drawing packages. All staff are trained in the latest Revit and BIM 3D modelling design and drawings packages.

  • Autodesk Revit 3D package
  • ArchiCAD 11 and 12
  • AutoCAD 3D Civil
  • QSE and QSE STAAD PRO structural analysis and design
  • FE Finite Element analysis
  • TEDDS design package

Health & Safety Policy

SDS (Structural Design Solutions) Ltd. considers safety, health and welfare at work (SHWW) to be of primary significance in all of our work and our designs. We have endeavoured to create a humane organisation where people matter and health and safety matters always take a priority.

This not only applies to our own employees, but also to other architects, engineers, contractors and clients for whom we provide our professional services. It is not our intention to assume that SHWW issues are a nuisance or imposition on a project, but that they form an integral part of our design solutions and our management procedures throughout the course of all works and on to the use of the products being specified.

In particular, it is our policy to provide adequate time and resources to:

  • Ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the Safety, Health & Welfare of all employees including temporary and contract staff and of other persons affected by our actions.
  • Provide such Safety, Health & Welfare at Work training, specialist advice, information, instruction and supervision as may be necessary to personnel at all levels in our organisation.
  • Provide a means of consultation on Safety, Health & Welfare at Work matters for all employees and other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions.
  • Keep the measures taken to promote Safety, Health & Welfare at Work under regular review.
  • Integrate Safety, Health & Welfare at Work considerations into our design and business decisions.

Quality Assurance Policy

To deliver a cost effective, quality product, our company aims to:

  • Meet the needs of our clients by providing services of recognised value.
  • Seek continued enhancement of our performance through improved processes.
  • Create conditions where people of high ability are attracted to work in the company.
  • Develop and establish a programme of continual improvement for all employees.
  • Achieve in-house delivery of the company’s knowledge and skills, through the provision of networks, supported by appropriate training and facilities.
  • Maintain honour and mutual respect in relationships with clients, members of the company and collaborators.
  • Put in place the road map to achieving the current quality management International Standard BS EN ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems – Requirements.

In meeting these objectives, the company will:

  • Deliver projects which are recognised for their quality.
  • Provide opportunities for staff to develop rewarding careers and achieve a performance which will sustain the long-term success of the business.
  • Set measurable performance targets for all staff.
  • Monitor our performance in complying with this policy.

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